Leather is one of the leading choices around the globe for high-end sofas and chairs. You chose leather because you know the value it brings, and you wanted to add beauty and style to your space. To ensure you keep it looking and feeling as good as new, choose Leather Furniture Repairs Daventry to care for your leather. Our on-site leather repairs team offers the very best in care for your sofas and chairs. Let us keep you sitting in style.


When your leather suffers damage or starts to lose some of the shine and beauty you loved so much when it was new, you have a few options. DIY leather repair kits make it seem easy to erase marks on your leather. But without the right tools and skills, you can make your leather looks worse instead of better. Expert repair shops can put things right, but do you want to waste time and effort lugging your leather to a shop? The on-site leather repairs team at Leather Furniture Repairs Daventry offers you the best of both worlds.

Our experts will come right to your home or office to take on all types of leather repairs. Whether a mishap has left ugly marks or stains on your precious leather sofa, or your chairs have simply started to show signs of aging, we’ll come to you to put things right. The on-site leather repairs team at Leather Furniture Repairs Daventry uses only the best tools, techniques and leather care products on the market, so you can rest assured you’ll love our results.

What if there’s more than just leather damage on your sofa or chairs? At Leather Furniture Repairs Daventry, we’ll take care of that too. No job is too big or too small for our team. We’ll repair and renew damaged or dated leather, replace loose or missing stitching, add filling to sagging cushions and address worn or failing springs and frames. Show your leather the love it deserves – call us today.

There is no place in your home or office for less than pristine leather sofas or chairs. When your leather looks less than its best, call Leather Furniture Repairs Daventry for on-site leather repairs and furniture care. We’ll come to you to assess the damage, provide a free quote and carry out all repairs on site to restore your leather to its former glory.